The kind folks at the Rush Center are letting us use their space for Tuesday evening’s workout. The street address is 1530 DeKalb Ave., just to the east of the Edgewood-Candler Park MARTA station. You’ll go behind the Radial building to get to the Rush meeting room annex. It is right next door to CrossfitRx. Be not confused! CrossfitRx is very nice, but they are not Queerfit92. You’ll know – they’ll be wearing lululemon pants that cost more than your rent. Fear not – we’ll have greeters at the door so you don’t accidentally get sucked into CrossfitRx.

Location changes like this one are a good chance for us to practice the movement communications skill of Random Text-Treeing. Based on an antiquated form of communication still practiced by some elder organizers known as the “phone tree,” wherein practitioners telephoned a set list of people to pass on a message, whereupon those people each telephoned their set lists of people and so on and so forth, the Random Text-Tree consists of texting whoever you feel like with the message “Tue. 6:15 QF moved to Rush Ctr annex @ 1530 DeKalb Ave.” and hoping they pass on the text to some other people.

We’ll see you at the Rush annex, ready to go at 6:15!