Not quite sure what’s happening here with group 2, but Jocelyn seems to be getting the worst of it.

The challenge for Wednesday is five sets of eight perfect chest to ground push-ups. Do the sets throughout the day, even if you can do them all in a row. The idea today is to find all the different times it’s just lovely to do push-ups: while waiting for your coffee to brew, after a string of emails, while you’re on hold, waiting at the ATM, during a boring meeting, before dinner…

If eight push-ups are too easy, dial them up by holding each push-up at the bottom position for 5 seconds. Or 7 seconds. Or make them clapping push-ups. You know what to do.

Let us know in the comments when you’re done. And let us know where/when sauced it up. Go push up, you mighty queerfitters!