The challenge for Friday is push-ups: 3 sets of 5, with as little rest as possible, 2-3 minutes rest, and then one max set. You may be tempted to reduce your range of motion a bit on your max rep set…don’t! You’re getting a real max number of real full-range pushups. It’s up to you where you’re pushing from (that is, whether you push from the floor from a full plank, or from the wall, or from something in between), but whatever your start position, your full range of motion touching the ground.

That’s it for Friday. It’s going to be sunny and beautiful on Saturday morning, so your only other task is doing the little things on Friday night that will help you get out the door and to Brownwood Park on time for our Saturday morning lovefest/workout.

Let us know when you’ve done your challenge. If you want to put in your max rep number, go right ahead. If you’d rather keep that to yourself, all good – but write it down somewhere and hold on to it.

Go get ’em, you lions and tigers and queers!