So how’d the week go? Share any thoughts about this past week in the comments: something you learned, something unexpected, squats that went right, push-ups that went wrong? Recommendations, musings, all welcome. ESPECIALLY welcome are shout outs and encouragements to your fellow queerfitters – the more specific, the better.

The Saturday challenge is to make it to the workout five minutes early and ready to go. The weather channel forecast for Saturday morning is 46 degrees and sunny.

If you’re not in the QF92 group and are following along remotely, here’s your workout:

4 rounds

21 squats
5 burpees
10 pushups
1 handstand (or other inversion) for as long as you can hold it on rounds 1, 3
30 situps on rounds 2 and 4

Then go outside and do 4×50 yard sprints at 80%, 85%, 90%, then 95%