First, something to notice from Sunday’s challenge: when you saw “100 squats,” what was your immediate reaction? When you saw something that promised to be both uncomfortable and unlikely – and possibly impossible – what did you think, and then what did you do? No judgment on yourself about your reaction…just take note.

Monday’s challenge is push-ups: 6 sets of 8 push-ups. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s increasing radicalism through his life, you’re going to do the first 2 sets the way you’ve been doing them. These are for MLK Jr’s early leadership the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955-56, when he was recruited by women of the Montgomery Improvement Association to lead the boycott. The next 2 sets, step it up and do a pushup variation that’s one bit more difficult than you’ve been doing them. If you’ve been doing them on the table, come down to a chair. If you’ve been doing them on your knees, come up on your toes. If you’ve been doing them from a plank, do them with a 2 second pause at the bottom. If you need some variations, check these out. These middle 2 sets are for MLK Jr’s increasing radicalism from the Birmingham movement through Selma and Chicago in 1965. The final 2 sets you’re taking it up another notch, in honor of MLK Jr’s anti-capitalist, anti-US militarism Poor People’s Campaign, launched just prior to his assassination. Yes, these push-ups are going to be really really difficult, but then, so is taking down capitalism.

Let’s get these done wherever you’re able. It’s ok to let people see you struggle. The struggle for the impossible is what it’s all about today.