Your Tuesday challenge…get to Rush Center for our regularly scheduled Tuesday 6:15 training session. If you’re part of the 99% who have a wee bit of trouble sometimes getting yourself to your scheduled workout, do this:

Create for yourself two cues that will help you make Queerfit part of your Tuesday evening routine. The cues can be super simple – if you keep your calendar on your smartphone, for example, you can enter queerfit in as a recurring Tuesday night appointment and set a special alarm to ring 30 minutes before. Your cue can be practical – you can pick out your workout clothes & shoes the night before, fold them neatly and set them by the door. You can pack a snack on Tuesday mornings that you know will help with your workout. You can get fancy with your cues, by asking one of your teammates to text you something inspirational an hour before the workout, or by changing your work schedule so you have plenty of time to make it to queerfit. Your cue can even be purely mental – when you wake up on Tuesdays, you can say out loud with as much enthusiasm as you can muster, “It’s Tuesday, I get to go to queerfit today!”  No matter that at that moment, you’d rather eat an warthog than go exercise. It’s just a cue.

We’ll get into the psychology of routines & habits & all that later. For Tuesday, your challenge is to create a couple of cues. Post your cues to the comments.