Our Thursday challenge is pushups…AND squats. Because peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Thelma and Louise. Kid & Play. Bonny and Clyde. Dolce & Gabbana. mini vanilli.

Some things just go better together. Putting aside your romantic partners past and present, what’s a great duo you’ve been half of? Think on this as you do 8 pushups followed by 10 squats. Think on it some more as you do that again, five more times, for a total of 6 sets. Do this all at once, straight through (right now is a great time to do it…go!), or break it up into two equal parts of 3 sets now, 3 sets later.

And remember that what makes a great duo is both halves being a little bit more awesome together than they are by themselves. To wit, Hall and Oates. So rather than being a distraction, let your squats make your pushups even more amazing. And vice versa.

Share with us in the comments when you’re done, and if you’d like, a bit about your great duo and what make it click.