Friday’s challenge may be the hardest one yet. 5 sets of 15 squats.

Here’s the twist. You’re going to practice positive self talk as you squat. Here’s how:

1. Catch yourself thinking something positive about yourself. Anything is fine – it may be trivial, silly, vain. It may even be untrue. (“My hair looks alright today”)
2. Amp it up (“That is some excellent hair”)
3. One more notch (“Someone needs to come take a picture of my super hot damn outstanding hair RIGHT NOW.”)
4. Edit it down to 2 or 3 words and add an exclamation mark (“My Hair Rocks!”)
5. Immediately – or if you’re in your car or in a meeting, as soon as you are able – do 15 squats, repeating your mantra out loud with each squat. You can mutter them if you’re in the library or something, but you need to vocalize.

You want to be done with this as early in the day as possible. Can you catch yourself thinking 5 positive thoughts about yourself before breakfast? For the rest of us, it will become quickly apparent why this is the hardest of the challenges yet.

If it’s getting late in the day and you’ve not yet finished your squats, do NOT beat yourself up about your dearth of positive self talk. Here are some phrases you can use to get through your squats:

Strong like ox!
Master maker of toast!
Conqueror of the copier!
Most persistent!
The world’s greatest!

As always, 1 point for your team when you post that you’re done. For today, an extra 1 point if you post all 5 of your positive self talk mantras. Get ’em!