Our Sunday challenge is to rejuvenate. We’re going to do it fresh water, a heap of awesome protein, and bright sunshine.

We’ve now roared through 14 days straight – I mean queer – of moving our bodies every day (or nearly every day), some days with great intensity. Big round of applause for us! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

So today we rejuvenate. The challenge today is to do these three things. You have all day to do them.

1. Drink delicious water. No need to drink 8 glasses, which is a myth anyway, but do drink more today than you normally drink. A tip from hundreds of millions of old Chinese people: drink hot water with your meals. It’s weirdly calming.

2. Eat a heap of awesome protein. If you don’t have it in your house, get some. This is your excuse for loading up on clean, inexpensive protein for the week. There’s eggs, beans, and edamame (look for it in the frozen vegetables). Peanut butter is also fine, especially in a milk-banana-peanut butter smoothie. For eaters of meat, do your magic with tuna fish, chicken thighs, ground sirloin, or pork chops. If you’ve been feeling woozy after workouts, you’re probably not eating enough protein.

3. Get out into the sun…and do 100 pushups. The Sunday forecast is for bright sunshine and a high of 55 degrees. It’s January, friends. This is WONDERFUL! So get outside and do 10 sets of 10 beautiful, powerful, lovely, push-ups. If you’re feeling up for it, do ahead and do these in monster sets of fifty. For the rest of us, the standard is to do 10 sets of 10, all outside, throughout the day. When you use your car to run an errand, put your hands or feet up on the bumper and do 10 before you get in and 10 after you get out. That’s 40 pushups total for one trip to the grocery store to buy your heaps of protein.

An extra point for anyone who posts a photo to our FB page documenting push-ups done in your church attire.

Drink, eat, and push up. And congratulate yourself for being awesome these first 14 days.