photo (2)January 26 is National Pistachio Day; the Chinese call the pistachio the happy nut; in Iran, it’s called the smiling nut. So happy national happy smiling nut day, you mighty nutty queerfitters…no better way to celebrate than with…squats.

How’d you know?

Every other day, we’ve been doing lots of squats. It’s starting to feel like the normal thing to do, isn’t it? Let’s step things up today, to give some respect to the pistachio, to yourself, and to the AMAZING week you’re about to have. We’re doing 5 sets of 20 weighted squats, using the weight of your choice. You should do these throughout the day, using a variety of weights. You can hold the weight close to your chest or, if you have experience in a good overhead squat, you can go overhead. Some options for close to your chest: a small child, your dog, a gallon of milk, a bag of dog food, bag of laundry, a heavy purse, a rock, your backpack. Overhead, you can hoist an office chair, a broomstick, a small child, your dog, two gallons of milk…

Let us know your five objects. For the pistachios! For you! For the awesome week ahead!