** We are in Brownwood Park for our Tuesday evening workout **

We are not at the Rush Center. We’re going to be under the pavilion at Brownwood. Meaning, we will be outdoors as the sun is setting and the temperature is dropping. Tuesday’s challenge is to help two people make it to our 6:15 workout.

There is a raging debate over whether willpower is a limited resource. Some studies say yes it is, and once it’s depleted, you’re pretty much doomed. Under this theory, you need to be careful how you expend your willpower – use it all up on resisting that plate of brownies, and you’ve nothing left when it’s time to put on your sneakers and head to the gym. Other researchers say no, willpower is only limited if you believe it’s limited. If someone is taught to believe willpower is unlimited, and that completing a difficult task energizes them for the next one, they tend to act as if that’s true.

Neither camp considers what happens when we give away our willpower. What happens when, rather than expending the energy to talk yourself into doing something, you help someone else do a difficult task? We don’t know. So let’s test it out. Pick two people – they can be a team member or not – and help them get to Brownwood Park for our 6:15 Tuesday workout. You can use this blog, the facebook page, text, a phonecall, anything – but you should take 30 seconds to pause and think about what will be helpful to that person. You don’t need to know them well; it’s perfectly OK to take a guess.

It’s the usual 3 points for being at the workout, and an extra 1 point for letting us know in the comments how you provided encouragement! boom! to 2 other queerfitters.