Coach ZahraOur Wednesday challenge is 6 sets of 10 squats + 8 pushups. Sound familiar? Last week, we had a day when the challenge was 6 sets of 8 pushups followed by 10 squats. Since we believe in always progressing (weights go UP, movements get more complex), we’re doing these (squats + pushups) differently than last week. Rather than doing all your squats and then all your pushups, you’re going to do a squat, then immediately kick out into a pushup, then get back up so you can repeat.

Does this sound like a burpee? It is. But there’s hop at the end, and you’ll bring a bit more awareness and deliberateness to all parts of the movement. Rather than flinging yourself down to the ground, you’ll squat down with all the grace and beauty that you bring to every squat you ever do, and then kick out into a gorgeous plank. To help you think of the initiation of the burpee as a squat, you will start and end each set with an extra squat. So it goes 1 squat, 6 deliberate burpees, 1 squat. Repeat six times. 

If you’re making modifications, you have the additional challenge of finding a way to make your squat modification flow into your pushup modification. If it’s necessary for you to twirl around and/or shout olé!,do so.

Take your time with these. You have all day to get through the 6 sets. Even if you do them all in a row, take the time to do them mindfully and well.

Then since you’ll be all mindful and shit, treat yourself o the open house for Orange Moon Sanctuary from 6:30-8:30, hosted by coach Zahra. Burpee away, friends and lovers, and then we’ll see you at the sanctuary!