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Sun. – 3/1 March is the month of expectation…

…of things we do not know. – Emily Dickinson

It’s the first of the month and though we know what’s upcoming in queeriftland (deadlifts, jumping, pulling, and climbing), for the rest of it, we have no idea what’s coming in the next 31 days.

How great is that?!

We know a few other things that will happen in March. That we’ll set our clocks back an hour and our 6:15 Tuesday workouts will be done in daylight. That less then two weeks after that, it’s the equinox and spring starts. And in between, we can count on the first crocuses, the bright yellow forsythia, the first delicate daffodils…and all those got-damned super-pollen-spraying ornamental trees that we’re so fond of here in Atlanta.

Beyond these sure things, though, Emily Dickinson was right – it’s the month we get to look forward to things we do not know. It’s what makes March Madness so perfectly placed. Some team out of South Dakota just may win it all. Probably not, but you just don’t know.

So let’s get this month started off right. For the Sunday challenge, you will need a pack of cards. You’re going to pull cards out of the deck and do a workout according to what you draw:

clubs – high jumps
hearts – burpees
spades – weighted squats (dumbbell, gallon of milk, backpack, or small child held close to your chest)
diamonds – situps

If you draw an 8 of hearts, for example, you do 8 burpees. Face cards (jack, queen, king) are all 10 reps.

Do not put the card you drew back into the pack. Set a timer for 7 minutes and finish as many cards as possible out of the pack. Count your cards at the end of 7 minutes and let us know how many you got through. The total you get will depend in part on how efficiently you move, but in larger part on the luck of the draw. (If you’re feeling especially frisky, go ahead and do the entire pack. You can split it up throughout the day. If you do that option and do it all in one go, wowza – let us know your time.) Have fun and good luck!

Sat., 2/28 – Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring it!

Saturday morning at 10:00 is going to feel just great so long as you have on a couple of extra layers. Gloves of any sort and a hat will help a lot. Lucky for all of us, Frankie the Truck is back in commission, ready to haul some Olympic bars and big weights.

You know what that means: deadlifts. Also, the rings.

See you at 10:00. Our last workout in February is going to be wonderful. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring it!

Fri., 2/27 TGIF climbs

Climbing again this Friday, because you’ve clawed your way to the end of the week and you deserve to get up on top of something high and do a few overhead squats. 

Our Friday challenge: find a sturdy table, ledge, wall, or shed – the higher the  better! – to climb up on and do 4 sets of (12 push-ups, 15 overhead squats). 

That’s it. A light day today, so feel free to throw in a few random sprints as you go through the day. Safety Bob tip: check for cops before you sprint. Go climb!

Thur. – 2/26 Upside down and rightside up

Our Thursday challenge starts out upside down and then flips you over in a similar position (arms overhead) for some overhead squats. You’ll need a wall and your broomstick or, even better, a strand of rope or rubber tubing.

The challenge: 5 x (30 second handstand hold, 15 overhead squats). Then finish with 10 really explosive high jumps.

If a handstand against the wall isn’t going to happen, put your feet on a chair and walk your hands as far under your shoulders as possible. Another modification is a downward dog.

For the overhead squats, pull your core into a strong position, and pull that broomstick or the rope apart.

If you can go all the through without pause, great. If you need to break it up, that’s fine too. For a little extra shot of hot sauce, hold the 4th and 5th handstand holds for as long as possible. Can you get a minute? 2?

Wed., 2/25 Halfway there

Wednesday, we’re halfway through QF92. To honor the day, the physical part of the challenge is not the hard part: 35 squats, 25 pushups, 15 lunges each leg, 5 high jumps, 15 lunges each leg, 25 pushups, 35 squats. 

The challenging part of this challenge is we are going to shoot for 100% check-ins. That’s a comment from all 30 participants of QF92. Who has fallen off lately and can use a phone call or encouraging text? Think about this and act accordingly. For Wednesday’s challenge, your circle of concern extends beyond your team, to the entire QF92 group.

No one is going to be allowed to just drift away into the ether as we start the second half of the QF92 program.Let’s do this!

Tue. – 2/24 Workout day forecast

Our team workout Tuesday will be at the Rush Center at 6:15, on account of the forecast: a possibility of rain, plus a slight chill in the air. Here is the rest of the forecast for Tuesday: you will fall out of bed into 10 pushups, resulting in a burst of feeling strong as an ox. Throughout the morning, expect bouts of amazingness and an occasional blast of awesome. You will be overcome with the desire to suddenly pop out 15 squats at various moments before and after lunch. There is a strong possibility something unexpectedly good is going to happen to you before 3:00. A little after 6:30, in the middle of the queerfit workout, you will realize you’re doing something you didn’t think you could do. At night, expect a healthy dinner and a general sense of well being.

Have a great Tuesday workout. Shae will be your coach.

Mon. – 2/23 Half an inch higher

After 90 thrusters on Saturday and 100 burpees on Sunday, your shoulders will be feeling some kind away on Monday. We’ll give them a break on Monday’s challenge: 20 squats, 15 high jumps, 10 lunges each leg, 5 tuck jumps. Then lunge down into a hamstring stretch, holding it 30 seconds each leg. That’s 1 set. You’re doing 4 sets total. Spread the four sets out throughout the day, even if you feel you can do them all at once all the way through. Your high jumps require concentration to make a max effort with each jump. We’re aiming for a little more mobility and 1/2 an inch higher on your high jump by the end of the day. That’s what Mondays are all about…starting out the week by getting 1/2 an inch better.

Jump! Jump!

Sun. – 2/22 Simple Sunday

photo (9)For Sunday’s challenge, we’re keeping it simple…

100 burpees. You have all day to do them. Quality of movement is more important than speed.

And then climb back and forth over a vehicle 3 times. It can be a car, truck, tractor, boat, or airplane. It can be the hood, the trunk or the roof.

That’s it, dear queerfitters. You’ve planned things to do this weekend to show your gratitude for being alive in this beautiful world. Go do that thing. Just remember to throw in some burpees as you’re doing it.

Let us know in the comments what you climbed, and what part of it you climbed over.

Sat. – 2/21 Winter weather advisory

There’s an advisory in place for the next 12 hours or so, letting us know it’s winter, and there’s weather.


Be not afeared – it will be bracing, invigorating, brisk. Frisky! See you at Brownwood Park at 10:00.

IF there is ice on the streets and you cannot safely make it to queerfit, come to the potluck dressed and ready to get in a make-up workout at 6:00.

Onward, chilly soldiers!

Fri. – 2/20 A different kind of challenge

The science writer Oliver Sacks learned a few weeks ago he has terminal liver cancer. He wrote about it with his usual straightforward elegance in a short piece published in yesterday’s New York Times.

Your Friday challenge is to find 10 minutes in your day today to pause and read his piece. Then make a plan for doing something this weekend that expresses your gratitude for the enormous privilege and adventure of being a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet.

It will take you 3 minutes to read the piece, leaving 7 minutes to plan what thing – small or large, modest or grand – you’re going to do this weekend. Sacks mentions that he can now see his life “as from a great altitude.” If it helps – and I think it will – climb up on something tall with your broomstick and put yourself into the bottom of an overhead squat. Push your knees out, pull your chest tall. Then make your plan for your expression of gratitude for your one wild and precious life.

To earn a point for your team, let us what you plan to do. Because, well, so long as you’re doing QF92, part of the adventure of being on this beautiful planet is to earn points.