For the final day of our Squat + Pushup Challenge, we’re going to do them superfine style. This is a hitherto secret method of doing squats and pushups that makes you both feel and look superfine while doing them.

The magic formula is 3 pushups, followed by 5 squats. What makes them superfine is that you’re going to do your pushups perfectly, then elegantly/gallantly/smoothly stand up, then do your squats an inch deeper and 25% slower than you normally do. Think “I’m a sexy beast!” throughout. This is guaranteed to make you look and feel superfine.

Our Friday challenge, then, is 7 sets of (3 perfect pushups + 5 deep slow squats), rest, then another 7 sets. Your rest can be anywhere between 2 minutes and 10 hours.

Last day of the Squat + Pushup challenge, you superfine sexy beasts! Make it rain.