We are split between three locations this Saturday: Denver, NYC, and Atlanta.

It’s the last day of our first challenge, meaning all points will be tallied at the end of the day Saturday to determine the winning team of round one. TeamHotDamn is in the lead…BUT a come from behind win is still possible. That’s because there is nothing as exciting as the absolutely impossible come from behind win (skip ahead to the final baton handoff at 2:40 if you’re impatient), and here’s how it’s still possible:

For folks in Denver and NYC, do the workout below and let us know you did so in the comments before midnight Saturday, and your 3 points will count. You can also get 1 bonus point for you team for every non-queerfit person you bring in to do the workout with you.

For everyone, you can get 2 additional points for your team by posting in the comments (1) the most unexpected thing you discovered these first 29 days, and (2) what you’re looking forward to in the next 29 days.

It may be that you’re are too busy fomenting revolution in Denver & NYC to take advantage of these points, but I wanted to make them available. Because really, what is a revolution anyway but an absolutely impossible come from behind win?

For Denver and NYC, you’ll need a wall and a longish space (a hallway or ballroom will do), something that’s somewhat heavy, and a timer. Do a good warm-up, then in pairs: 20 walking lunges (each leg counts as one); one person does 5 burpees, the other does a wall sit, then switch; bear crawl back to where you started; 10 partner sit-ups, passing the somewhat heavy thing between you. Go 12 minutes. If you can’t find a partner, wall sit for about as long as it takes you to do 5 burpees. If there’s more than 1 pair of you, swap the somewhat heavy thing with each other every round.

For those in Atlanta, we’re at Brownwood Park as usual, starting at 10:00 sharp.