Ring pull-ups are one way we "pull." Rows are another.

Ring pull-ups are one way we “pull.” Rows are another.

Before we start our second 30 day challenge, a hot damn round of applause for Team Hot Damn. Monaco, Holiday, Bri, Mairead, Cindy, and Evelyn, led by the indomitable Zahra, pretty much dusted the rest of us. The deciding factor: they were impressively consistent in the daily challenges. Cindy was the first to complete the challenge just about every day, and that set the tone. Congratulations, Team Hot Damn!

And, swish. That’s the sound of the slate being wiped clean. On to Challenge #2.

For the second 30 day challenge, we are going to jump, pull, and climb. These are the three components of getting over a wall, a fence, a barricade, or any other seemingly insurmountable obstacle that is taller than you. By the end of the 30 days, you will have a higher vertical jump, a stronger pull, and a new perspective on life’s obstacles. (Don’t worry about losing your squats and push-ups…those aren’t going anywhere. Your vertical jump will build on your squats, and the pulling work will balance out your push-ups.)

Our Monday challenge: 3 sets of [ 15 squats, then 8 high reach jumps ]. After the 15 squats, rest 30 seconds and get your mind right. You are going to jump high and land soft. A high reach jump is just as it sounds: you jump as high as you can, reaching up like you’re trying to touch a basketball rim. Land like a ninja. Pause to reset, then jump again. But higher.

If you’re not wearing athletic shoes, go barefoot.

After you’re done with all 3 sets, do 25 pushups, with as few breaks as possible.

That’s it. Let us know in the comments when you’re done. Welcome to the Jump+Pull+Climb Challenge.