Great Tuesday workout – did you notice how we’re learning how to do this amazing murmuration thing, where an entire flock of birds veer in a microsecond, seemingly communicating through telepathy? Flying at 40 mph, the flock makes sharp dips and turns, in unison and by some kind of magic. We weren’t quite at 40 mph, but it’s no small thing to flow together through a 4 by 6 grid of high intensity movements.

Continuing our Jump + Pull + Climb fun, you’ll need a sturdy desk, table or counter that you can climb on top of. The challenge for Wednesday is 7 squats, climb on top of the desk/table/counter, climb down, 3 transcendent burpees. That’s 1. Do 10. (For notes on transcendent burpees, check the Feb. 1 post.). The leaping up upon the desk/table/counter should be done with great panache, like some sort of fabulous wild animal. A panther, a stag, a glittering unicorn.

You have all day to do them, but think about where you’ll have access to a good table or counter. If you have to clear your desk to do this, all the better.

Leap away, dear queer panthers and stags! Let us know when you’re done, and what manner of furniture you leapt upon.