photo (7)Our Thursday challenge is not at all friendly to tight pants…it’s a good one for to do in the morning in your pajamas. Or bootie butt nekked.

The challenge includes a hip flexor stretch (keeping your chest high, drop your left knee on the ground and lunge your right foot as far forward as possible; try to get your left thigh 45 degrees to the floor; raise your left hand as high as you can and twist slightly to your right, looking over your right shoulder and reaching over your head; hold) and bent-over rows. (grab something heavyish, stand up tall and then hinge at your hips until your chest is somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees to the ground; let your arms hang down and then, maintaining your torso shape, pull the item to your sternum; give your back a good hard flex; let the weight back down. That’s 1.) If you have dumbbells, great. If not, use that 1 volume unabridged Shakespeare your literary aunt gave you for your high school graduation, a full laundry bag, a heavy chair, or a willing human. If there’s really nothing in your house or office, try cans of paint at Home Depot or the 2 gallon laundry detergent containers at CVS. If there’s really really nothing to row, substitute 15 pushups or 30 situps. Really try to row, though.

10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 squats to warmup. The challenge: 10 high reach jumps, 30 second hip flexor stretch each side, 10 high reach jumps, 10-20 rows (depending on weight). This is 1 set. Do 3 sets.

That’s it. Really reach up high on the jumps. 2 points if you do this bootie butt nekked. 100 points and all the marbles if you do if bootie butt nekked in the Home Depot.