We’re going to meet at the Rush Center at 6:15 for Tuesday’s workout – the weather will be fine by then, but just the sheer thrill of knowing there may be black ice on Tuesday morning suggests we move indoors. Please text a few folks on your team with the location (1530 Dekalb Ave. NE, Atlanta GA 30307; behind Radial, next to Crossfit Rx), and text/call/email someone who you’ve noticed may be lagging, to give a little encouragement.

We’ll be doing one of the greatest exercises known to humankind: the overhead squat. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could do only one exercise, it would be the overhead squat. It develops an absolutely stable core and insists on perfectly balanced shoulder and hip mobility. It shifts your strength center from your quads to your massively powerful posterior chain. After a single rep, your athletic coordination triples. On top of all that, it opens your heart and you become a better person.

Also, put this Saturday on your calendar. We’ll be potlucking at Glo’s from 6-8. You’ll get the address from your team leader, and instructions about what to bring.

See you at 6:15 at the Rush Center. Rush Center. That’s the Rush Center. Got it? Now go help someone else get there.