Have you become as willing to jump through the day as you are to squat? It’s ok. When people see you squatting, they know you’re doing some kind of exercise thing. When the see you jumping, they may start to worry.

Let them worry! Let’s spend the day wednesday getting us over the hump of jumping in public. Our Wednesday challenge is a triplet of jumps, push-ups and lunges. 1 triplet is 5 tuck (or high) jumps, 12 push-ups, 3 lunges (each leg). You’re doing 10 triplets total throughout the day.


Indeed. Think about how you’d like to split them up. If you do one or two (or nine or ten) of the sets in public, let us know where.

Then for a bonus – if you have something heavy to row, do three sets of 8-12 bent over rows.

Go get em, tigers.