photo (8)t’s not been much of a winter here in Atlanta – Thursday’s low will be 13 degrees, but then it’s back up to the 50’s by Saturday. So how do we celebrate what may be the one cold day in this so-called winter?

With overhead squats and bunny jumps, of course.

For Thursday’s challenge, you’ll need something that approximates a barbell. If you have a barbell or dowel rod, great. If not, a broom, swiffer, or shovel will do fine. If for some reason you don’t have a broom, well, go buy yourself a broom.

The challenge: 15 slow, deliberate and deep overhead squats; then put the bar/broom/swiffer down and do lateral hops back and forth over it 20 times. To do a lateral hop, stand to the left of the bar and then with both feet together, hop over to the other side of the bar. Immediately rebound and hop back. Hop, hop, hop – left to right is 1, right to left is 2. This is 1 set. Do 5 sets.

You’ll be warm and done in no time at all. We’ll have an update on team points at the potluck on Saturday, so get your points in, friends.