The science writer Oliver Sacks learned a few weeks ago he has terminal liver cancer. He wrote about it with his usual straightforward elegance in a short piece published in yesterday’s New York Times.

Your Friday challenge is to find 10 minutes in your day today to pause and read his piece. Then make a plan for doing something this weekend that expresses your gratitude for the enormous privilege and adventure of being a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet.

It will take you 3 minutes to read the piece, leaving 7 minutes to plan what thing – small or large, modest or grand – you’re going to do this weekend. Sacks mentions that he can now see his life “as from a great altitude.” If it helps – and I think it will – climb up on something tall with your broomstick and put yourself into the bottom of an overhead squat. Push your knees out, pull your chest tall. Then make your plan for your expression of gratitude for your one wild and precious life.

To earn a point for your team, let us what you plan to do. Because, well, so long as you’re doing QF92, part of the adventure of being on this beautiful planet is to earn points.