After 90 thrusters on Saturday and 100 burpees on Sunday, your shoulders will be feeling some kind away on Monday. We’ll give them a break on Monday’s challenge: 20 squats, 15 high jumps, 10 lunges each leg, 5 tuck jumps. Then lunge down into a hamstring stretch, holding it 30 seconds each leg. That’s 1 set. You’re doing 4 sets total. Spread the four sets out throughout the day, even if you feel you can do them all at once all the way through. Your high jumps require concentration to make a max effort with each jump. We’re aiming for a little more mobility and 1/2 an inch higher on your high jump by the end of the day. That’s what Mondays are all about…starting out the week by getting 1/2 an inch better.

Jump! Jump!