Our Thursday challenge starts out upside down and then flips you over in a similar position (arms overhead) for some overhead squats. You’ll need a wall and your broomstick or, even better, a strand of rope or rubber tubing.

The challenge: 5 x (30 second handstand hold, 15 overhead squats). Then finish with 10 really explosive high jumps.

If a handstand against the wall isn’t going to happen, put your feet on a chair and walk your hands as far under your shoulders as possible. Another modification is a downward dog.

For the overhead squats, pull your core into a strong position, and pull that broomstick or the rope apart.

If you can go all the through without pause, great. If you need to break it up, that’s fine too. For a little extra shot of hot sauce, hold the 4th and 5th handstand holds for as long as possible. Can you get a minute? 2?