…of things we do not know. – Emily Dickinson

It’s the first of the month and though we know what’s upcoming in queeriftland (deadlifts, jumping, pulling, and climbing), for the rest of it, we have no idea what’s coming in the next 31 days.

How great is that?!

We know a few other things that will happen in March. That we’ll set our clocks back an hour and our 6:15 Tuesday workouts will be done in daylight. That less then two weeks after that, it’s the equinox and spring starts. And in between, we can count on the first crocuses, the bright yellow forsythia, the first delicate daffodils…and all those got-damned super-pollen-spraying ornamental trees that we’re so fond of here in Atlanta.

Beyond these sure things, though, Emily Dickinson was right – it’s the month we get to look forward to things we do not know. It’s what makes March Madness so perfectly placed. Some team out of South Dakota just may win it all. Probably not, but you just don’t know.

So let’s get this month started off right. For the Sunday challenge, you will need a pack of cards. You’re going to pull cards out of the deck and do a workout according to what you draw:

clubs – high jumps
hearts – burpees
spades – weighted squats (dumbbell, gallon of milk, backpack, or small child held close to your chest)
diamonds – situps

If you draw an 8 of hearts, for example, you do 8 burpees. Face cards (jack, queen, king) are all 10 reps.

Do not put the card you drew back into the pack. Set a timer for 7 minutes and finish as many cards as possible out of the pack. Count your cards at the end of 7 minutes and let us know how many you got through. The total you get will depend in part on how efficiently you move, but in larger part on the luck of the draw. (If you’re feeling especially frisky, go ahead and do the entire pack. You can split it up throughout the day. If you do that option and do it all in one go, wowza – let us know your time.) Have fun and good luck!