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Wed. – 4/1 This is No Joke

Over the last few months, police officers in the Atlanta area have shot and killed: Kevin Davis, who called 911 for help after a man stabbed his girlfriend; Anthony Hill, who was naked and obviously unarmed; and Nicholas Thomas, who tried to flee after cops came to his job to serve a warrant for unpaid traffic fines.

For Wednesday’s challenge, start with 5 sun salutations, then immediately:

25 squats as slow and deep as possible
Your best inversion, held as long as possible
20 pushups as slow & low as possible
Your best inversion, held as long as possible
25 squats as slow and deep as possible
Your best inversion, held as long as possible
20 pushups as slow & low as possilbe

Be in your squats, be in your inversion, be in your pushups.

Tue. – 3/31 Double dipping Tuesday

Team Shine remain in the lead, but the lead is shrinking. So…in addition to the 3 points for getting to the workout in Brownwood Park at 6:15, there’s a chance for an extra 1 point for doing a bonus Wednesday challenge.

Start the day with 5 sun salutations. Then the challenge:

Pick up a book. It can be one you’re already reading, or one you’ve been meaning to start. It can be short stories, poetry, or a novel. Nonfiction is OK too, but try a little fiction if you can. Legal briefs, journal articles, and Huff Post do not count for this challenge. Then clear out 15 minutes in your day, put your phone in the other room, and read the hell out of that book. Post in comments the book and confirm the number of minutes you read without distraction. There is no judgment about what you read, just a nice, shiny, extra point for your team.

Mon. – 3/30 Home Stretch

photo (16)Here we go, boys and girls and everything in between and off the spectrum entirely…the homestretch, the ninth inning, the final countdown, the eleventh hour, the last call, the bell lap. There are four more workouts and 9 more daily challenges remaining. Let’s get after it and make each and every one of them utterly AMAZING.

Starting with Monday’s challenge:

First thing in the morning, 5 sun salutations. Then, sometime during the day, you’ll need to find a biggish room, a hallway or some outdoor space to do:

5 lunge steps each leg
5 triple push-up burpees
10 squats
bear walk back to your starting point

3 times through

Post your time to the comments.

3/29 – Sunday funday

We’re heading into our final two weeks of QF92, where we’re going to kick things up a notch to finish strong. In preparation, our Sunday challenge:

Go do something ridiculously, unconscionably fun. 

Tell us what you did in the comments. 1 point for fun, 2 points for ridiculously fun. Assign yourself your point(s) in the comments.

Sat. – 3/28 gather

As always, our Saturday challenge is to get to Brownwood Park at 10:00, or if you’re in Chicago, the Hyatt gym at 9:00. Should you? Of course you should.

Fri. – 3/27 Giving your adoring public the chance to adore you

First, some announcements, then the challenge.

1. For those of you in Chicago this Saturday, we will have a workout starting at precisely 9:00 am in the hotel gym on the 4th floor. You can bring friends old & new, and you will get 3 points for your team. I’ll be coaching.

2. The queerfit workout on Saturday in Brownwood Park will be coached by Glo.

3. Put Saturday April 18 in your calendars for the End of QF92 Cookout at Zahra’s. More details to come; for now, save the date.

The Friday challenge:

Start your day with 5 sun salutations.
Then, five times over the course of the day, break out into 20 lunge steps (10 each leg) and 15 squats while in a public space.

That’s it. Let us know in the comments where you did these lunges & squats. If your adoring public, admiring the depth of your lunges and the beauty of your squats, wants to know when they can get in on the action, let them know QF92 is in its last 15 days (!!!!!) and they should keep an eye on this blog and the FB page to get in on what comes after. And if you’re in Chicago, let them know they can come on Saturday morning, but we really do start at 9:00 sharp. Now get your point for your team!

Thur. – 3/26 This is how you celebrate…

…a #blueenvelope from Spelman. With a burpee, of course. Even if that blue envelope arrived years ago, now is as fine a time as any to celebrate.

photo (14)

Thursday’s challenge start the day with 5 sun salutations. Then as you do whatever you do first thing in the morning, think of three things to celebrate: (1) something that happened a while ago for which you are now really really grateful, (2) something great that happened in the past week, and (3) something that you’re going to celebrate later this year because it’s a great great thing that’s going to happen even if sometimes you think it might not happen but you’re doing what you can to make it happen.

The challenge:

5 push-ups that are one level up from what you usually do
30 second inversion
5 push-ups one level up
30 second wall sit
5 burpees

3 times. The first time, you’re using the 30 second wall sit to remember the thing that happened a while ago. The second time, use the wall sit to relive your recent moment of glory. The third time through, use your 30 seconds to visualize the great thing that’s going to happen later this year. Remember/anticipate it in detail and in living color. When you get to your burpees, then, you will FLY up into the air in celebration as demonstrated in the photo above.

Let us know in the comments what you celebrated with your burpees.

Wed. – 3/25 Staying present in the middle of it all

For the middle of the week, our Wednesday challenge is to start the day with 5 sun salutations, then to do twenties with clear, relaxed focus. Twenties of what? So glad you asked!

20 squats
20 lunges each leg
20 push-ups
20 overhead squats
20 sit-ups
20 mountain climbers
20  burpees
20 second inversion

You can do these all in a row if you want, but better to split these up throughout the day if you can. Take 5 seconds before you start your 20 to take a breath and focus on what you’re about to do. Each thing will take about a minute, and for that minute, it’s all about the lunge (or the sit-up, or the burpee, or whatever).

Let us know when you’re done – including the sun salutations.

Tue. – 3/24 Slammin’ Tuesday

photo (13)A break in the rain for Tuesday – see you in Brownwood Park at 6:15. Bring your yoga mat and your indomitable spirit.

Mon. – 3/23 Simple to Start

Monday’s challenge starts with 5 sun salutations first thing in the morning, then anytime in the day, an exceedingly simple couplet:

7 squats
5 chest to ground pushups

If you do air squats, do 10 rounds and go fast (but don’t sacrifice your range of motion!). Post your time.
If you do the squats with a weight under 50 pounds held up against your chest, cut the rounds down to 7 and note the weight.
If you have access to a bar and want to do heavy front or back squats, cut the rounds down to 5 and note the weight.