I’ve had a few requests for a short return to simplicity, to help our stragglers get back on the queerfit train. I’m happy to oblige.

Monday’s challenge: (1) admire J-Star below, hauling 245 pounds off the ground as a bit of lagniappe after Saturday’s workout, then (2) do 5 sets of 20 squats. You can do them any how, any way, any time. If you’re at a gym, one of the sets can be a heavy 20 rep. back squat or front squat set. One set of overhead squats is good. Jumping squats if you like. And 5 sets of 20 plain old air squats is superfine. Squat as you want to squat. In the comments, let us know what flavor of squats you did, and whether you helped someone (including yourself) get back on the queerfit train.

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