For Thursday’s challenge, start with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down 5 reasons you’re pretty great: “pretty good looking”; “good mac n cheese”; “read a lot” are all good. Be vain, silly, elitist…no one will see your piece of paper. Now edit your 5 reasons, amping them up the way you did about 6 weeks ago during the 1/23 Positive Self Talk Squats challenge. This time, though, there’s no need to limit yourself to a 2-3 word mantra. As you dial up the reason you’re pretty great, “good mac n cheese” should become “I make the best damn mac and cheese on both sides of the Mississippi and if there was a blue ribbon for mac n cheese I would win it every damn day!!”

Stick that piece of paper in your pocket and walk around feeling super fine until you’re ready to do the Thursday challenge:

3 burpees
4 lunges (2 each leg)
5 fast tuck jumps
Rest for the amount of time it takes you to say “I am fabulous because [insert here reason number 1 on your list]”

Now, do 10 rounds by going through your list of statements twice.

Do not skip this challenge out of false modesty! If you get stuck, one item you can put down is “I’m fabulous because I’m so much stronger and more mobile than the last time I did this, when 5 sets of 15 squats seemed like a lot. NOW look at me!”

1 point for letting us know you did it; an extra point for sharing your 5 over the top statements about your awesomeness.