You can be forgiven for thinking these queerfit emails/posts are a service of the Weather Channel. They do frequently include, like this one, weather forecasts: Saturday at 10:00, it will be 41 degrees and sunny.

Sunday, it slips a bit to mostly sunny (formerly known as partly cloudy, which is actually sunnier than partly sunny; hence, the name change). And then for the next 10 days…rain. We have reached that soggy moment of springtime in the southland when things are just wet, wet, wet.

So…there will be 23 hours and 12 minutes of total sunlight this weekend, from Saturday’s sunrise to Sunday’s sunset. The queerfit challenge for the weekend: spend as much of that 23 hours and 12 minutes as possible outside. You’re going to report in the comments on Sunday your total outside time, so start clocking at sunrise tomorrow.

You can get 1 hour of your total in at our usual Saturday morning workout Brownwood. J-Star will be your coach. Shine on, sunny queerfitters.