We are nearing the end of our jump + pull + climb challenge, so when you jump for this one, really really jump! We’re trying to add another inch to your high jump…something that will only happen if you jump.

Pick a spot on the wall or some other target that is seems a bit out of reach for your high jump. Start by stretching your hip flexors: kneel, then move your left foot out so your left knee is at about 90-degrees. Slide your right leg back, then put your hands (or elbows if you’re able) to the right of your left foot and push your left knee out. Lean into your hands/elbows. Hold 15 seconds, then switch.


10 split lunge jumps (from a lunge position, drive yourself off the ground, switch legs in the air, and land back in the lunge position). Not for height, just to activate your glutes.
10 pushups
10 squats
Rest 1 min.
7 high jumps, pausing between efforts to collect yourself. Use everything you’ve got – arms, legs, all of it – to explode upwards towards your too-high target.

Do this sequence 3-4 times throughout the day. As always, bare feet are better than office shoes.

Get that inch!