The challenge for Sunday is to plan how you’re going to do something daunting. And then to execute that plan.

The daunting task: 100 burpees.

Take 2 minutes now to figure out how you’re going to mix 100 burpees into your Sunday. Some options:

  • 10 at the top of every hour
  • Twenty now, them 5 every hour until dinner, them ten
  • A hundred all in a row, slow and steady, starting at 3:00
  • As many as possible in 5 minutes right now, then the remainder 5 at a time starting at noon
  • 20 at a time at 10, 2, 4, before dinner, after dinner

You get the idea. Make a plan, then do the plan.

Some of you are not so great at planning. This is a good challenge to practice the basics: a good plan understands the deep purpose of the activity (to get a point for your team, of course…what other purpose is there in life?), then specifies what you’re doing when.

Some of you are great at planning – intending, meaning to, really really wanting to – and then less than great at execution. If that’s you, write Yoda’s great wisdom on your hand:

Do or not do; there is no try.

Now go plan, and do. When you’re done doing, let us know how you did, and if you’d like, some reflections on your relationship with planning and doing. And then revel in how amazing you are for having done one hundred friggin burpees.

(If you’ve read this far and are still waffling over whether to do this challenge, please take a closer look at the above pic – can’t you tell how badly Glo wants you to do this challenge? Glo really wants you to do this challenge – how can you say no?!)