Daniel is collecting cans for a food drive and their deadline has been extended to Friday. If you have cans he can pick up, contact him directly or drop a note in the comments.

Now. We obviously did not do enough sun salutations – Thursday’s forecast is 90% chance of rain. More salutations!

The Thursday challenge is:

As early in the morning as possible, 3 Sun Salutations. If you need a refresher, here’s a very detailed video (instruction starts at around 2:00). You can also check out this gif, which has the sequence Zahra is teaching us. The corresponding instructions are pasted at the bottom of this post.

Then, a real quad, hamstring & glute burner if you choose to do this all in a row:

25 squats
10 lunges each leg
20 squats
10 lunges each leg
15 squats
10 lunges each leg
10 squats
10 lunges each leg
5 squats
10 lunges each leg

Here’s the kicker: if you can add weight to your squats, do that. If you have access to a barbell, start with the bar for 25 squats, then add weight each set until you’re doing close to a 5 rep max on the 5.  As always, totally ok to break it up throughout the day.

The Sun Salutation sequence:

1. Stand feet parallel and hip width apart with palms together in front of your chest.
2. Sweep your fingertips overhead, and clasp your hands. Gaze upwards through your hands.
3. Extend your body forward, bending at your hips while raising your tailbone. Bring palms or fingertips to the floor next to your feet.
4. Bend your left leg and position your right leg back in a lunge position.
5. Bring your left foot back next to your right foot into a plank, keeping arms straight.
6. Bend your knees and lower your knees, chest, and chin to the floor.
7. Sweep your chest and chin upward, press upwards with your arms into a cobra pose.
8. Lift your tailbone, allowing your hips to rise while pressing palms and feet into the floor. 3 breaths in the downward dog.
9. Bend your right leg bringing your left foot back into a lunge position.
10. Straighten your right leg bring your left foot forward beside the right foot, keep palms to the floor while raising the tailbone.
11. Slowly come up, sweeping palms overhead.
12. Come back to standing position with palms together in front of your chest.