photo (12)Let’s finish out the week with a nice, painful triplet.

As early in the day as possible, preferably first thing in the morning when you wake up: 5 Sun Salutations.

Then, anytime during the day:

15 burpees with perfect, chest to ground pushups (break them up as necessary to get all the way down)
15 sit-ups or V-ups
15 squats
12 burpees
12 sit-ups or V-ups
12 squats
9 burpees
9 sit-ups or V-ups
9 squats

Move as smoothly and efficiently as possible, pausing to rest as needed to keep your movements lovely, lovely, smooth, and lovely. You’re practicing being present throughout – during the burpees, stay focused the burpee; when you’re doing sit-ups, be fully in the sit-up; as you squat, take notice of everything about your squat.

You are going to be so 100% present, in fact, that your are not just going to focus on the burpee. You are going to be the burpee. And not just any burpee. Give your cheeks a few good hard slaps, get yourself together, and go be an awesomely great burpee.

Let us know in the comments your total time and how it felt to be an awesomely great burpee.