One week into Challenge #3 The Big Here and Now, Team Shine has pulled out into the lead, with Revolutionary Runners giving chase. Totally unrelated to the fact that my team (Team Lifelift) is dragging behind in last place, Sunday’s challenge offers a bonanza of points. The challenge:

As early as possible, preferably first thing in the morning: 5 Sun Salutations.

Then anytime, broken up however you like:

  • 50 squats, pausing at the bottom of every 5th squat to improve your position (say to yourself: “pull my chest away from the ground” or “tall chest”);
  • 50 pushups, pausing at the bottom of every 5th pushup for a count of two.
  • 5 inversions, held for 30 sec. – 1 min. each. Standing up, reach up towards the sky. Notice the straight line from your hip to your fingertips. An inversion is anything that has your hips up higher than your shoulders while maintaining that straight line from your hip to your fingertips. So these 10 inversions can be downward facing dogs, pikes from a chair or any modification of a handstand, headstands, handstands against the wall, free standing handstands, shoulder touches, etc.

It’s 1 point for checking in that you’ve completed all tasks
It’s 1 point for checking in about how you encouraged one or more of your teammates to get this done
It’s 1 point for posting at least 1 photo to the FB page of your favorite inversion (or favorites: photo collages encouraged).

Come on you mighty queerfitters! Get them points.