…a #blueenvelope from Spelman. With a burpee, of course. Even if that blue envelope arrived years ago, now is as fine a time as any to celebrate.

photo (14)

Thursday’s challenge start the day with 5 sun salutations. Then as you do whatever you do first thing in the morning, think of three things to celebrate: (1) something that happened a while ago for which you are now really really grateful, (2) something great that happened in the past week, and (3) something that you’re going to celebrate later this year because it’s a great great thing that’s going to happen even if sometimes you think it might not happen but you’re doing what you can to make it happen.

The challenge:

5 push-ups that are one level up from what you usually do
30 second inversion
5 push-ups one level up
30 second wall sit
5 burpees

3 times. The first time, you’re using the 30 second wall sit to remember the thing that happened a while ago. The second time, use the wall sit to relive your recent moment of glory. The third time through, use your 30 seconds to visualize the great thing that’s going to happen later this year. Remember/anticipate it in detail and in living color. When you get to your burpees, then, you will FLY up into the air in celebration as demonstrated in the photo above.

Let us know in the comments what you celebrated with your burpees.