First, some announcements, then the challenge.

1. For those of you in Chicago this Saturday, we will have a workout starting at precisely 9:00 am in the hotel gym on the 4th floor. You can bring friends old & new, and you will get 3 points for your team. I’ll be coaching.

2. The queerfit workout on Saturday in Brownwood Park will be coached by Glo.

3. Put Saturday April 18 in your calendars for the End of QF92 Cookout at Zahra’s. More details to come; for now, save the date.

The Friday challenge:

Start your day with 5 sun salutations.
Then, five times over the course of the day, break out into 20 lunge steps (10 each leg) and 15 squats while in a public space.

That’s it. Let us know in the comments where you did these lunges & squats. If your adoring public, admiring the depth of your lunges and the beauty of your squats, wants to know when they can get in on the action, let them know QF92 is in its last 15 days (!!!!!) and they should keep an eye on this blog and the FB page to get in on what comes after. And if you’re in Chicago, let them know they can come on Saturday morning, but we really do start at 9:00 sharp. Now get your point for your team!