Let me count the days: Sunday is day 86 of QF92. What do you do when you approach the end of something? Do you step it up or do you disappear? Do you sit back and wait for it to end? Or do you start obsessing about ways to keep it from bring over? No judgment, just notice in this last week of QF92 how you are with endings.

Sunday’s challenge:

Start the day with 7 sun salutations, then anytime during the day, in as few sets as possible

86 squats
86 jumping jacks
86 push-ups
86 situps (V-ups if possible)

It’s one rep for every day you’ve already completed of QF92. As you do your sets, feel free to congratulate yourself for each day you’ve stuck with the program and how much you’ve accomplished and how much you love your team and how awesome you are and how awesome we are and how much stronger and more mobile you are now than when we started.