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Tomorrow’s challenge, like every Saturday, is to get to Brownwood Park at 10:00 and have the best damned queerfit experience you’ve ever had. While you’re at it, help someone else have the best damned queerfit experience they’ve ever done. Sorry to miss it – Shae and Glo will be coaching, with an assist from Jocelyn.

A couple of reminders: we’re taking this Tuesday off before starting up again on the 18th. We’re also pot-lucking + grilling out the evening of the 18th, starting at 6:00, to celebrate our extrafine selves.

Everyone who has been part of QF92 is a member of the Queerfit Supergroup, and are welcome to come to Tuesday and Saturday workouts for the rest of the year. Those of you who have been following this blog but are not part of QF92, hold tight. We’ll have a membership process up soon letting you know how to get in on the Tuesday and Saturday workouts as part of the Queerfit Supergroup.

If you think QF92 has been amazing, you’re right.

But just you wait. It’s springtime in Atlanta and Queerfit Supergroup is ready to launch…