Well that was incredible.

QF92 is done and done and we’re on to the next great thing…QF Supergroup.

The long and short of it: if you’d like to join us at our Tuesday and Saturday workouts through the rest of the year, we’d like for you to apply to become a member of the QF Supergroup. Fill out this application and send to QFSupergroup@gmail.com. (You can also just answer the questions in the body of your email). It describes the kind of space we’re trying to create, and asks you to think about your intentions and goals. QF Supergroup’s online home will be the FB group. In about an hour, you’re going to be deleted from the FB group. Don’t take it personally! You’ll be re-added to the FB group once you put in your application and are accepted into the Supergroup.

Then, starting May 1, this blog becomes the home of QF Open, which will be structured around a series of 30-day challenges similar to what you’ve seen here over the last three months. You can be part of QFSupergroup and also be a part of QFOpen, but being part of QFOpen does not automatically make you part of QFSupergroup. Make sense?  A fuller description of how QFOpen, QFSupergroup, and QF92 hang together can be found on our About page.

I’ll stop before this gets any more complicated. The 4 immediate tasks for QF92ers:

1. Fill out your QF Supergroup application.
2. Come to the workout this Saturday at 10:00 at Brownwood park.
3. Come to the potluck cookout Saturday at 6:00 at Zahra’s. Your coach has sent/will send you the address and what to bring.
4. Be your full amazing self today.