photo (22)Friday, yes! Let’s get the weekend started early with this little ditty:

15 squats, weighted in any way you can – large child, barbell, chair, bag of dog food, stack of books
10 regular push-ups
5 dive bomber push-ups (From a downward dog, lower your shoulders toward the floor until your chest almost touches it, then dip your body upward; your chest will be up with your back arched, head up and arms straight. Hold for 1 second then reverse the movement)

This is one set. You’re doing this set a total of 6 times, taking as long as you like between sets. If you work a desk job, better to spread these out throughout the day than to do them all at once.

When you’re done, let us know how you weighted the squats. Go get ’em, tigers!

This poem by Siddiq Turkestani is part of a collection of poems from GuantánamoBay, assembled in 2007 by the detainees’ habeas attorneys, Turkestani was imprisoned in Guantánamo from 2001-2005, released after the military determined he was not an enemy combatant.

Siddiq Turkestani
Even if the Pain

Even if the pain of the wound increases,
There must be a remedy to treat it.

Even if the days in prison endure,
There must be a day when we will get out.

(122 people remain in Guantánamo. Fifty of these men were cleared for release five years ago by President Obama’s Guantánamo Review Task Force).