After this first week of our 31-day Push-ups (+ poems) Challenge, we trust your push-ups are a little bit stronger and your ear a little finer tuned to the beauty of words.

For those of you in Supergroup, see you at Brownwood at 10:00 for our Saturday workout. One word: deadlifts.

The dare for the day:

5 rounds of:

jumping squats
10 lunges each leg
turn around
5 jumping squats
bear walk back to your start line

If you’re able to do this outside in the grass somewhere, double points for you. If you’d like to switch out your walks, you can choose other animals: alligator walk, crab walk, inchworm.

Then…50 perfect pushups in as few sets as possible.

In the comments let us know your animal(s) and the number of sets it took you to do 50 perfect pushups.

The poem for Saturday is June Jordan, who wrote this for Fannie Lou Hamer. This is only the first bit of the poem – for some reason, wordpress doesn’t hold on to tabs, and you should click over to the to read the whole poem, formatting intact.

June Jordan
1977: Poem for Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer

You used to say, “June?
Honey when you come down here you
supposed to stay with me. Where
Meanin home
against the beer the shotguns and the
point of view of whitemen don’
never see Black anybodies without
some violent itch start up.