You’ll need your dumbbells for today’s daily dare (About gives you the deets re: how heavy & where you can find cheap dumbbells). We’re using them to do bent-over rows (to balance our push-ups) and dumbbell hang power clean and presses. Super short (this should not take longer than 3 minutes) but super intense. Here we go:

5 bent over rows
3 dumbbell hand power clean & presses
5 pushups

3 times as fast as possible, rest 30 seconds, then twice more.

That’s it. Then get outside and enjoy this perfect day!

Sunday’s poem is by the award-winning-yet-under-appreciated poet Patricia Smith, who is working on a biography of Harriet Tubman.

Patricia Smith (from Blood Dazzler, 2008)

I was birthed restless and elsewhere
gut dragging and bulging with ball lightning, slush,
broke through with branches, steel
I was bitch-monikered, hipped, I hefted
a whip rain, a swirling sheet of grit.
Scraping toward the first of you, hungering for wood, walls,
unturned skin. With shifting and frantic mouth, I loudly loved
the slow bones
of elders, fools, and willows.
For an astounding, extended mix of poems in response to Katrina, check out some excerpts here, then buy Blood Dazzler.