Supergroupers and QF92ers and once-and-future-queerfitters – remember the photo-shoot is happening Saturday at Brownwood Park. To be in the shoot, dress to the nines and be there at 9:45 ready to look strong and gorgeous.

The daily dare for the 23d is best done outside in the grass:

From point A, 7 lunge steps each leg
5 triple-push-up burpees (3 push-ups rather than 1)
bear walk back to point A
5 V-ups, holding the last one in a V-hold for as long as possible

5 rounds

A June Jordan love poem for today –

Poem for Haruko
June Jordan

I never thought I’d keep a record of my pain
or happiness
like candles lighting the entire soft lace
of the air
around the full length of your hair/a shower
organized by God
in brown and auburn
undulations luminous like particles
of flame
But now I do
retrieve an afternoon of apricots
and water interspersed with cigarettes
and sand and rocks
we walked across:
                        How easily you held
my hand
beside the low tide
of the world
Now I do
relive an evening of retreat
a bridge I left behind
where all the solid heat
of lust and tender trembling
lay as cruel and as kind
as passion spins its infinite
tergiversations in between the bitter
and the sweet
Alone and longing for you
now I do