Supergroupers get out to Brownwood Park for our 10:00 workout. Everyone else, Saturday is a rest day. You can make up one of this past week’s dares, or you can truly rest…tomorrow is the last day of the Push-ups + Poems Challenge, and we’ll be finishing with a test. You’ll like it.

The poem for Saturday is the shortest poem in the English language, by the incomparable Muhammad Ali. At the end of a commencement speech to Harvard’s 1975 graduating class, someone in the audience called out for a poem. What about?, asked Ali. About what it is to be Ali, the student called back. The crowd went silent. After a pause, Muhammad Ali delivered this:


Some have written it differently, as:


Either way (and because it can be either way), this is surely the greatest short poem of all time. Now go make your Saturday as great as the greatest.