The next 30 days are all about energy. Or, as my mother pronounces it, earnergy. As in, something you earn.

June’s daily dares will, each one, boost your energy with short burst workouts, outdoor time, better food choices, cold showers, laughter, unplugging from electronics, better sleep, and everything else science and common sense has identified as ways to up your energy.

Do one or two and you’ll feel better that day.

Do them all and by the end of the month, you will have reset your baseline energy level.

We start with this:

1. Given that social capital is strongly linked to subjective well-being in multiple ways, your first move is to increase your social network in this effort. Recruit one or two friends to join you for the next 30 days. If they’re not getting the daily emails, have them sign up in the top right hand corner of If they’re already getting these daily dares, make a joint commitment to not just read them, but do them.

2. As early in the day as possible on Monday, do

30 jumping jacks, 5 burpees, 30 mountain climbers each leg, 5 push-ups
20 jumping jacks, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers each leg, 10 push-ups
10 jumping jacks, 15 burpees, 10 mountain climbers each leg, 15 push-ups

Do these fast and smoothly, then big stretch up reaching for the sky/ceiling onto the tips of your toes,. Then get on with your day. Welcome to June. Earnergy, friends.