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Tues. – 6/30 One Last Earnergy Shot

We saved the best for last – the most energizing of all the energizers is to take the energizer that worked best for you and turn it into a habit. Once it becomes part of your daily routine, you don’t waste any energy worrying about it or getting yourself geared up to do it. When you just do it, automatically, you get all the boost without any of the drain. Which booster are you going to turn into a habit? 

Then, a 4 minute rocket shot:

3 dumbbell squat clean thrusters; 5 push-ups, 7 squats, count to 10.

As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes. Can you get in 6 rounds?

Mon. – 6/29 Something Different

The 29th scientifically verified way to increase your energy is to change something up. It can be as simple as taking a different route to work, or listening to a different radio station. Or listening to a different radio station while taking a different route to work. Anything that you do by habit, on automatic pilot, is something you can do differently today. 

And then this:

10 weighted squats as heavy as possible, 10 air squats, hold a downward dog for 15 sec, then 4-6 squat cleans with the weight you used for squats. 

5 times through, taking 30 seconds after each round. 

Sun. – 6/28 The friend

You know that friend who gives you life? Sunday’s Earnergy challenge dare is to call up/connect with that friend. Awesome if you do the workout together, but also awesome if you get coffee together, or just exchange a texted message. When you get this done, let us know in the comments. How was that?

A hot little pepperpot of a workout, in honor of Bree Newsome taking that sh*t down – 

20 squats, 20 push-ups, climb something, 400 meter fast run.

Repeat 5 times – once each for SC, AL, and MS, FL, and AK.

Fri. – 6/25 Streeeeeeeeetch

The dare for the day is also your energy boost: 5 super-slow high stretch burpees, 7 times throughout the day.

To do a super-slow high stretch burpee, make each element (squat, kick out, plank, pushup, squat, stand) distinct. Move deliberately and slowly, pause at the bottom of the pushup for a 3 count, and then in lieu of a jump at the end, a full body stretch fingers skyward. That’s one. While you’re up there fingertips to the sky on your 5th one, flow into some other stretches your body wants to do.

Thur. – 6/25 Pool Day!

If you’re in Atlanta, see you at the Grant Park at 6:15 for Thursday’s energy booster. There will be three workout options – (1) 10×50’s on an interval for swimmers; (2) squats + pushups + push-offs from the wall for non-swimmers; and (3) lounging.

Best place to park is along the Park Avenue side of Grant Park. The pool is built in a way so you have to pick one of the traditionally gendered locker rooms to get to the pool. Bring $4 cash to get in, though there’s a rumor the public pools are all free tomorrow because of the heat.

If you’re not in Atlanta, the dare for the day is spend an hour in (or by) a pool or lake.

Wed. – 6/24 Eat Breakfast

Wednesday, we get the easiest of our 30 energy boosters. Eat breakfast. The formula: whole grain + protein. Bowl of oatmeal + a soft-boiled egg, for example. Simple as that.

The workout is just as simple, using a formula of whole body + muscle builder. You pick the number of rounds, whether 5, 7 or 10:

7 burpees
5 dumbbell strict presses (push press if you must)

Then go find your pool wear + sunglasses for Thursday’s hour by the pool.

Tue. – 6/23 Mini-intermittent fast

For Tuesday, as early in the day as possible:

3 sun salutations
1 minute of burpees
30 squats
20 pushups
10 split jumps
20 pushups
30 squats
1 minute of burpees
3 sun salutations

Number 23 of 30 scientifically verified ways to optimize energy metabolism: the intermittent fast. You’re not changing what you eat; just when you eat it. The science shows that giving your body a break from eating fends off diabetes and brain damage – if you’re a mouse or fruit fly, at least. There are different fasting methods, and we’re going to pick the simplest. Combined with number 24 (coming up tomorrow: eat breakfast), this puts dinner around 4:00. Oof. Proponents of intermittent fasting insist it’s a full out lifestyle change, but for this challenge, let’s just try it for a day or two and report back on how it goes.Eat dinner at 4:00, then put your fork away for the night.

Don’t do what XB and I did a few years ago, when we made it through a 5-day juice fast by eating a pizza every night.

Also, a heads up about number 25 of our energy boosts – on Thursday, your boost is to go find a pool and go lounge. Plan ahead. If you’re in Atlanta, we’ll be at the Grant Park pool at 6:15. Everyone welcome, though there is a $4 entry fee to the pool. There will be a workout option, but just splashing in the water is fine too.

Mon. – 6/22 One less energy vampire

photo (26)

First, the workout, which will fill you with the courage you’ll need for today’s energy booster:

5 rounds:

10 mountain climbers each leg
10 squats
30 second handstand hold (max hold last round).

Now, full of courage, today’s energy booster. It’s a biggie.

Energy vampires are the people who suck the life out of you. They are the opposite of the photo above, which is what it looks like when two people are energy boosters to each other. Energy vampires may be chronically critical, jealous,or full of blame. They complain, whine, and don’t take responsibility. They may be bullies or victims. There are dozens of kinds of vampires, but there’s something about you that attracts the particular kind of vampire that has been attached to your jugular for years now, sucking you dry. No wonder you’re feeling a little low on energy. Some of you have more than one.

Today, shed yourself of one. Shed, as in sever the relationship. If it’s a relationship you cannot actually sever, what are 3 ways you’re gong to shield yourself from the energy suck?

Sun. – 6/21 Cut it out

For the 9 days remaining in our 30-day Super-Earnergy Challenge, we’re cutting out (1) everything where sugar is the first, second or third ingredient, (2) alcohol, or (3) screen time for the 3 hours before bedtime. You’ve already done this earlier in the challenge, for five days. This time you’re going to cut out your energy suck for a full 9 days. Take your pick & say it loud in the comments.

The workout for Sunday is 5 rounds of:

15 push-ups, hold a 30 second plank
5 weighted lunges each leg
100 foot weighted overhead walk
rest 30 seconds

For the weighted lunges, hold your dumbbells at your shoulders, and then over your head for the 100 foot walk. If you have access to a barbell, use the heaviest weight you can press up into an overhead locked out position and walk 100 feet. Use that weight for the weighted lunges, held in a front rack position.

Sat. – 6/20 Summer solstice water plan, and throwing things

Two to dos for our Earnergy Challenge. First, we’re making a water plan for the summer, and need your help.

What are your secrets for getting splashed, drenched, or submerged for cheap or free? You can chime in from anywhere, but if you have Atlanta-specific ideas, double points for you. A good self-serve carwash, a state park with a decent swimming area, splash pads, hotels with sneak-in-able pools…we’re going to need water to get through this summer.

Post your suggestions to the comments –

Second, you’ll need something you can throw without breaking (or that you don’t mind breaking) and a place to throw it. It can be a tree limb, a tire, a phonebook, a cinder block, a rock, a ½-filled laundry bag, or one of your dumbbells (if you have a field or yard that can take the abuse). With great feeling:

Throw the thing as far as possible without injury to yourself
Sprint, lunge, or broad jump to the thing.
5 squats while holding the thing

If you’re in a pool, throw the thing, swim to the thing, and heft the thing 5 times over your head.

Repeat 10 times. Try different ways of throwing – overhand, underhand, heaving over your shoulder, sideways.

Post what you threw and how to the comments.