Yesterday, dear queerfitters, you picked one of three things – sugar, alcohol, or screentime – to give up until Sunday. How’s it going? If you’ve not yet picked, go ahead and pick one. Sunday night is still your target.

For Thursday, you’re replacing the energy-suck you’ve given up with an energy-booster:

1. If you gave up refined sugar, find the time today to get to the grocery store and get yourself a basket of quality protein (beans, nuts, tuna, chicken), vegetables and fruit. Eat as much of that as you want.
2. If you gave up alcohol, replace it with delicious, cold, clean water.
3. If you gave up screen time, read a book. The old-fashioned kind, printed on paper.

Whatever you gave up and whatever your replacement, our Thursday dare is to get as far through this sequence as you can get in 5 minutes:

50 mountain climbers each leg
40 squats
30 seconds accumulated handstand (or other inversion)
20 dumbbell push-presses
10 lunges each leg

Let us know in the comments how far you got (or if you completed the whole thing) and how you’re feeling.