…snacks. For our Super-Earnergy Challenge, we’re earning our Saturday earnergy by snacking. Some possibilities:

hard-boiled eggs
spicy roasted chickpeas
hummus + carrot sticks
cheese + cherry tomatoes
almonds + anything trail mix
apple wedges + peanut butter
cottage cheese + pears

Make extra, for the week. If you have other suggestions? Help us out – post your amazing snack combos to the comments.

The workout for the day, if you’re not Supergrouping it at Brownwood, do as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

15 push-ups
9 high jumps
6 push-presses
100 yard sprint/100 yard jog

200 yards is the length of a football field and back. You’re sprinting like you’re carrying the game winning touchdown on the way down, jogging back like you’re taking in the cheers of the crowd.