To kick off our second week of boosting your energy, we start with a quick 7 minutes that will open up your lungs and get your blood moving right quick. At the top of every minute for 7 minutes:

5 dumbbell thrusters
7 scissor jumps each leg
10 push-ups

If you have access to a bar, do front squats at 85% of your 1RM instead of dumbbell thrusters.

Coffee drinkers, we’re going to tweak our coffee drinking this week to maximize the magic powers of caffeine. If you’re a moderate coffee drinker (2-4 cups a day), your beloved coffee will be even more lovely if you do these four things:

1. When you drink your first cup of coffee, also drink a large glass of water and eat some protein (a hard-boiled egg, for example).
2. Wait at least 45 minutes before drinking your second cup of coffee.
3. Cut the sugar. That’s both in your coffee, and sugary soft drinks.
4. Lay off the caffeine (that includes tea and chocolate) after noon.

How do you feel about coffee? So long as you’re there getting in touch with your feelings, how do you feel after a few days free of sugar/alcohol/nighttime screen-time? Good enough to go another 5 days?