IMG_3230How great are we?!

One of the greatest energy boosters is to give someone else a hand (or a piggyback ride). As social animals, most of us are hard-wired to help one another. When we help someone out, endorphins tend to spurt out of our brains and our stress level drops. Less stress, more energy.

Tuesday’s dare for our Earnergy Challenge is to help someone who can use some help. Stranger, friend, co-worker; big, small or medium…it doesn’t matter to our little endorphin factories. What good thing did you do today?

Then, at the top of every hour, at least 8 times throughout the day:

8 squats, 7 push-ups, 6 mountain climbers each leg, 7 push-ups, 8 squats.

Then run around the living room at the end of the day with your arms above your head in a celebratory pose when you do the math and realize how many push-ups you did today.